MYNT PayCard: A Bankless Smart Card

Now you have a place to save your cryptocurrency offline. Introducing the MYNT PayCard brought to you by PAYMYNT Financial, and powered by Tangem.

MYNT PayCard: A Bankless Smart Card

Attention all you crypto-loving fans, especially members of the Stellar Network Family! Introducing The MYNT PayCard. The MYNT PayCard is a next-generation bankless smart card and hardware wallet.

The MYNT PayCard functions as an independent blockchain address. The embedded chip creates and holds your unique and uncopyable key. This means you can keep your MYNTS and Stellar Lumens safe and secure on a light, easy-to-use card.


  • Contactless - Using Near-Field Communications (NFC) Simply tap your card against your phone to send and receive cryptocurrency. You can also tap your phone against POS systems at crypto-friendly merchants to make payment settlements - no pin, no signing.
  • Reloadable - Did you run out of Stellar Lumens? No problem. Reload cryptocurrency from your crypto wallet, like Keybase or Coinbase, to your MYNT PayCard. Reload your card again and again - or spread your wealth across multiple cards to keep your Mynts and Stellar Lumens secure.  
  • Secure - Using advanced, microchip technology from Tangem, your cryptocurrencies are encrypted offline.
  • Tangem Tap - App

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